Prefabrication and installation of pipes, static equipment, and metal structures


Since 1994, we have been competently designing, manufacturing responsibly and precisely commissioning complex industrial projects.


About us

TOTALMONTAJ is a private company with full Romanian capital, founded in 1994. The main activity of the company consists in the execution of construction and assembly works of pipelines, execution works, installation and repair of mechanical installations under pressure, metal structures, equipment for refineries in the petrochemical field, oil, and gas, as well as part of “new” construction projects of some factories.

In 2018 TOTALMONTAJ added a new field of activity in its list, namely "Design and production of metal lenticular expansion compensators" - TOTALMONTAJ is the only manufacturer of metal lenticular expansion compensators in Romania with certification issued by NoBo - Bureau Veritas according PED 2014/68/EU.        

Why a collaboration with TOTALMONTAJ?

  • Because we are a TEAM, and the qualities which recommend us are Professionalism, Competence, Responsibility, Precision and Perseverance.
  • We have all necessary certifications and authorizations to carry out the activity in the field (ISO, ISCIR, PED, CNCAN, ASME).
  • We apply a rigorous quality, environment and occupational health and safety policy.
  • We perform quality work, delivering it on time and in accordance with customer requirements.



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