Tătărani, str. Nuferilor, nr. 178, Prahova

+40 244 276 783


Our company is authorized, according to PT ISCIR, CR4-2010, in the following fields:

  • Repair of stable metal containers under pressure (C4-2010);
  • Repair of steam boilers and hot water boilers (C1-2010);
  • Installation, repair of metal pipes for fluids (C6-2010);
  • Installation, repair of metal pipes for steam and hot water. (C10-2010)

We also carry out repair and overhaul work in the refining and petrochemical industries on equipment such as heat exchangers, columns, technological furnaces, economizers, etc., as well as technological pipelines, steam, and hot water pipelines.

For overhaul and repair work, we have the following cranes and lifting devices:

  • cranes with a maximum load of 80 tons
  • cranes with a maximum load of 12.5 tons
  • jacks and winches with a load between 0.5 - 7 tons
  • hydraulic presses with a load between 20 - 200 tons

To carry out overhaul and repair work, our company is authorized according to PT ISCIR C1, C4, C6 and C10 and has welding approval procedures and authorized welders according to the requirements of PT ISCIR CR7 and CR9.