Tătărani, str. Nuferilor, nr. 178, Prahova

+40 244 276 783


Our laboratory for non-destructive testing has authorized personnel and modern equipment to carry out the following checks:

  • PT – examinations with penetrating liquids
  • MT- examinations with magnetic particles
  • UT(g) - ultrasonic thickness measurement

 The laboratory holds the following authorizations:

  1. ISCIR authorization no. PLPTCR6/TIPA/021/ – Scope of authorization: PT- examinations with penetrating liquids
  2. ISCIR authorization no. PLPTCR6/TIPB/022/ – Scope of authorization: MT- magnetic particle examinations
  3. ISCIR authorization no. PLPTCR6/TYPE/030/ – Scope of authorization: UT(g) - ultrasonic thickness measurement